My son Arthur John died unexpectedly on October 7th.  This is the feast day Of Our Lady of the Rosary.  His heavenly Mother took him to his permanent Home with Jesus on that day.  Artie had asked me to place his rosary in his hand if he should pass away before me.  He gave his two bosses rosaries about a month before he died.  

In this culture of death, prayer is a very powerful weapon.  Arthur was pro-life.  He did not feel anyone has the right to intentionally take the life of an innocent human being.  He said choice comes before life occurs not after.  Artie was amazed at the blindness and hardness of heart of pro-choice people, against those who cannot protect themselves.  He also had great compassion and love for those who later regretted their abortions.   85% of women felt they had NO choice when they got their abortions & now suffer quietly, in great pain, not realizing how much God loves them & wants to forgive them.

If someone would attempt to say one rosary a day for the protection of the unborn child; I will attempt to send them a blessed rosary for free.  This is a labor of love so I cannot afford to distribute them in large bulks. 

 You can contact me at Please tell me your favorite color stone,  and your mailing address.  I will attempt to have it to you in 2 months.  Your information is confidential and will not be given to anyone.

 If anyone wishes to make a donation, make it to  or EWTN. Faithful to the Pope.

 We need to be a voice for the unborn. Please contact your Representative and two Senators @ (202)224-456-1414.  Urge them to oppose the federal funding of abortion.  The US spends in excess of a billion dollars for abortions per year; forcing  taxpayers to fund what is ethically, morally and governmentally wrong.  We are now forced to pay for Plan B -abortion pill for our armed services.  Please help!  You can also contact the White House @ (202) 456-1111, or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW-20500. Please let our new president, President Donald Trump know that you do not support pro-abortion legislation; that the govenment needs to stay out of the promotion and funding of abortion. He will be more receptive to these requests. Thanks be to God!  It is not  "politics" to stand up for the santity of life. It is required of every Christian.

The reality/actual seeing of abortion makes it impossible to justify & people withdraw from it, ideoligize it, in favor of abortion in general or pro-choice.  Because of this withdrawal, our abstract thinking is the only way we can preserve our relative intellectual virginity in favor of such a blantant wrong. Science continues to prove in ever greater detail that a fetus is a human being only losing "personhood" as Dred Scott did by the Supreme Court. We cannot align ourselves as the Aztecs did with infants, Nazis did with Jews, Supreme Court did with black Americans in denying personhood. It is a violation of their "inalienable" (God given) rights, given by our Constitution for all US citizens.

Excerpt from "Dehumanizing the Vulnerable" Journal of Calif. Medical Association Sept., 1970:

Proposes a linguistic strategy called semantic gymnastics "avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone knows, that life begins at conception", to separate "the idea of abortion from the idea of killing". The CMA further defines semantic gymnastics as a "schizophrenic sort of subteruge".  They go on to say that, "One may anticipate further development of these roles as the problems of birth control and birth selection are extended to death selection and death control". Journal of the California Medical Association, 1970.

                                                                          Jesus I trust in You